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[ 4-Track ]

4.8% ALC.VOL

How do you brew the best lager in the galaxy? At DE14 we took the term literally & dry hopped & cold conditioned 4-Track with a heavy hit of the Australian Galaxy hop.​

​Named after the first multi-track recording machines found in recording studios in the 1950’s our final beer is quad hopped to deliver a refreshing, well-rounded lager with a tempting hop aroma.

The cold conditioning adds a real depth of flavour not always associated with lagers which is music to our ears.

Alcohol Strength: 4.6% ABV

Available Formats: 30l Keg

Malts: Pilsner / Crystal

Hops: Galaxy / Target / Styrian / Ella

IBUs: 26


[ 4-Track ]

4.8% ALC.VOL

Hopped Lager

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