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DE14 x Twisted Barrel Collaboration

Published on 16/04/2018

Brew 1 – Twisted Barrel x DE14

DE14 are excited to announce that we have recently brewed two separate collaboration beers with the excellent Twisted Barrel brewery in Coventry. Our first beer was brewed at Twisted Barrel for International Women’s Day

DE14 brewer Aneta Izdebska travelled from Burton to join forces with Ritchie Bosworth, Twisted Barrels head brewer.

Our plan was to brew a collaborative 4.8% ABV hazy Belgian session IPA named Mathilde. The beer takes its name from Queen Mathilde of Belgium, a leader in championing women’s rights in Belgium.

Due to the nano scale of the brew, you’ll need to be quick finding stockists, it will be available at the following venues over the coming weeks

  • 1000 Trades (Birmingham)
  • Cafe Beermoth (Manchester)
  • Luppolo Station (Rome)
  • Craft Inn (Birmingham)
  • Twisted Barrel Tap House (Coventry)

Brew 2 – DE14 x Twisted Barrel

Next, Twisted Barrel came to our house and brewed at DE14. This incredible beer is currently fermenting ahead of kegging next week. Ritchie had a great day brewing with Jenny Hagyard at DE14 and we learnt a lot about their techniques and brewing principles.

The beer is a Cucumber & Lime Sushi Gose we are calling UltraGreen due to the vegan principles underpinning the brew, as a result, we used rice as the grain and seaweed to add the salty element to the Gose. It sits at 4.30% and we class it as a Sushi Gose due to the ingredients

UltraGreen is the first of 12 Nano brews heading to leading Craft venues around the country, more details to follow


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