Ritchie Bosworth, Head Brewer at Twisted Barrel joined DE14 brewer Jenny Hagyard for the second of our Twisted Barrel collaborations.

The beer is a Cucumber & Lime “Sushi” Gose. Unfiltered and brewed with rice and seaweed in deference to Twisted Barrel ethical and vegan principles. This Gose (a top-fermented beer style that originated in Goslar in Germany) sits at 4.3% and uses rice as the grain and seaweed to add the salty element.

Jenny Hagyard commented: “As brewers we re    ally love to experiment in the DE14 brewery; even more so with inspirational brewers like Ritchie using unique ingredients. We decided to call the beer ‘UltraGreen’ because, along with its ethical values, it has a lovely citrus-and-salt zing with the cucumber flavour to add a cooling balance.”

Ritchie Bosworth said: “We love to collaborate with folks whenever and wherever possible. It has been great to work with Jenny and the team at the DE14 brewery and combine our shared knowledge to produce a great beer for everyone to enjoy. We’ve learned something from every collaboration brew we’ve ever brewed and this is our eighteenth in the last year alone.

The beer is will be available in a limited number of city centre bars including

  • Port Street Beer House – Manchester
  • Cherry Red’s  – Birmingham
  • The Wolf – Birmingham
  • Clink – Birmingham
  • Dark Horse – Birmingham
  • Twisted Barrel – Coventry
  • Suds & Soda – Derby
  • Beer Guerrilla – Northampton
  • The Dog – Burton
  • White Horse – Harborne